How I Overcame The Trap Of Bigger Is Better


What if the pursuit of ‘more’ is actually pulling you away from your purpose? What if ‘bigger’ isn’t actually ‘better’? As we navigate through life, we often get caught up in the race to accumulate more, equating more with happiness and success. However, in today’s episode, we challenge this conventional belief.  Discover why ‘more’ is just a distraction and ‘better’ is the actual goal. Enjoy!

In today’s fast-paced world, we often find ourselves caught in a race to accumulate more, believing that more equates to happiness and success. However, what if the pursuit of ‘more’ is actually pulling us away from our purpose? What if ‘bigger’ isn’t actually ‘better’?

In our latest podcast episode, we challenge this conventional belief. We share insights from Mike McCallowits, the author of the Pumpkin Plan, and discuss how sometimes ‘more’ is just a distraction and ‘better’ is the actual goal.

In the Pumpkin Plan, McCallowits presents a simple strategy for growing your business: focusing on doing one thing exceptionally well. The principle here is that instead of trying to do everything and spreading yourself too thin, focus on improving what you do best. It’s not about growing bigger; it’s about growing better.

One poignant story we shared was from the Think Media Live conference featuring Gary V. A woman was torn between focusing on her nonprofit or for-profit business. Gary V reminded us of the importance of doing what we love and that in that aspect, we have already won.

We also explore the spiritual perspective in this episode. We discuss how God’s teachings on contentity can guide us in discerning when the pursuit of ‘more’ undermines our values and goals. God reminds us that we are already rich and we don’t have to do more to be content.

In this pursuit, we discuss the law of diminishing returns, a concept that demonstrates how chasing more can sometimes yield less. For example, working longer hours doesn’t always result in more productivity. Sometimes, it can lead to burnout and a decline in the quality of work.

The aim of this episode is to provide you with wisdom that will help you realign your efforts with your true objectives. It’s a call to reassess our understanding of success and happiness, to shift our focus from accumulating more to improving the quality of what we already have.

Remember, our worth isn’t determined by how much we have or achieve, but by who we are and how we live our lives. Our success should be defined not by societal standards, but by our own values and goals.

So, take a moment to reflect: Are you chasing ‘more’ at the expense of ‘better’? Are your efforts aligned with your values and goals? Are you content with what you have, or are you caught in the never-ending pursuit of more?

Remember, “Bigger is not better, better is better.” So let’s strive for better, not more.