Start BEFORE You’re Ready


Welcome to the Beloved Studio Podcast! I’m Christina Patterson, the founder, and president of Beloved Women, and I’m excited to share this new venture with you. Despite my initial hesitation, I felt God leading me to talk more about business, entrepreneurship, and marketing alongside Bible study. So in our first episode, I thought it would be appropriate to make a case for why you should start BEFORE you are ready. Whether it’s writing a book, building a business, or applying for that promotion, here are 4 reasons why you should get started on your dreams before you feel ready.

  1. Staying Humble: Our achievements and accomplishments ultimately come from God. By recognizing this, we remain grounded and humble, understanding that our purpose is not solely reliant on our own abilities. [04:26]
  2. Get Our of Your Comfort Zone: Starting something new often requires us to venture beyond our comfort zones. Embracing discomfort allows us to learn, grow, and discover new opportunities for personal and professional development. [06:54]
  3. Imperfection is Part of the Journey: Many times, we don’t want to start before we’re ready because we’re afraid of making mistakes, but the truth is we will. We need to realize mistakes are not failures; they are lessons that act as stepping stones to get us to our desired destination. Don’t want for perfect to get started because there is no such thing as perfect, but imperfection is the path we must all take to get to where we want to go. So you might as well get started. [7:48]
  4. Gives You Room to Grow: Starting when you’re not ready provides an environment where you can refine your skills, make necessary adjustments, and continually improve. Now is the time to make mistakes and learn from them, not when you’re already well down the path, but you can’t learn from moves you never make. [10:46]

Final Thoughts: Despite the challenges and uncertainties that come with starting something new, I encourage you to trust in God’s faithfulness. By leaning on Him and seeking His guidance, we can navigate the journey with confidence and assurance.

So, even though I’m stumbling and fumbling my way through this new podcast, I trust that God is faithful and will guide me. I encourage you to lean on Him if you’re feeling called to start something new. Remember, humility, growth, purpose, and learning from mistakes are all part of the journey.

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